Covid Vaccine Use Protects Evil

Recent articles continue to show that using vaccines benefitting from fetal tissue leads to further moral evil. It does so by strengthening the utilitarian arguments for fetal tissue harvesting, trumping the moral concerns against it — and simultaneously silencing those who seek to ban ongoing fetal tissue harvesting, yet “hypocritically” chose to benefit from the industry.

Two recent articles continue to show that using vaccines benefitting from fetal tissue leads to further moral evil.

  • Biden Administration Ends Limits on Use of Fetal Tissue for Research, The New York Times
  • Biden admin axes Trump rules limiting experimentation on aborted babies,

Empowering utilitarianism

Note how the use of fetal tissue in treatments for Covid-19 and the coronavirus are connected:

…allow scientists to use tissue derived from elective abortions to study and develop treatments for diseases including diabetes, cancer, AIDS and Covid-19.

The New York Times

Scientists have for decades used fetal tissue to create cell lines for lifesaving research into vaccines and treatments for many diseases. Since the 1980s, so-called humanized mice that contain fetal human tissue or organs have served as the linchpin for developing treatments and studying the immune response to pathogens like the coronavirus.

The New York Times

Note the utilitarian argument here:

“efforts to block federal funding for medical research [using aborted fetal tissue] are based in ideological objections, not evaluation of the scientific merit of such projects.”

Rep Carolyn B Maloney, (& original .gov source)

In other words scientific merit trumps ideological (i.e. moral) objections.

Since widespread abortion benefit (via Covid vaccines) has been so publicly declared as a utilitarian good, it serves to bypass the “serious ethical and consent problems” that Charlotte Lozier Institute noted.

Abortion benefit silences

Other extracts show that partaking in abortion benefit whilst trying to close the current fetal tissue work is seen as hypocritical. This is a more coherent and consistent argument than Christian medical professionals have been making.

Human cells derived years ago from a fetus were used to develop the monoclonal antibody treatments given to Mr. Trump after his Covid-19 diagnosis in October. And many of the coronavirus vaccines funded by Operation Warp Speed were also tested in cells derived from fetal tissue.

Some scientists decried what they saw as a double standard, saying Mr. Trump should not have taken a treatment that was developed based on research he had banned.

“It was just so hypocritical,” said Lawrence Goldstein, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Diego, who has used fetal tissue in his research.

Dr. Goldstein said he hoped that any future Republican administration would not reinstate Mr. Trump’s ban. “It would be terrible for this research to be on a yo-yo,” he said. “It will die if that happens.”

The New York Times

Your voice is silenced and rendered hypocritical if you take a treatment based on research you would ban. The fetal tissue industry is an evil worth banning, especially since live tissue harvesting is “no rare event”.

Lie: ethical informed consent

This is perverse:

Scientists must still follow other rules on the research, including obtaining informed consent from the tissue donor.

The New York Times

Of course they mean the baby is the mother’s tissue, and she is the donor who must provide informed consent. The whole industry is premised on lies. (“Non-viable fetus” being another horror: i.e. quite possibly — and certainly ideally — alive.1“The common statement in the ‘Materials and Methods’ section of a paper that ‘non-viable foetuses were used’ ideally lends itself to evasion of any mention of whether a foetus was alive or dead during and after expulsion from the uterus.” Dr Peter McCullagh, The Fetus as Transplant Donor, 1987, Wiley & Sons, New York, section 8.6)


Such writings continue to lend support to the hypothesis that the fetal tissue market can never close while we state that vaccines with abortion benefit are an ethical good/necessity to love your neighbor.

There is contribution to future evil in receiving abortion benefit via vaccines.