12 Faulty Assumptions

  1. “Only a few babies were used.”
  2. “The babies were of a very early gestation.”
  3. “Consent was given, so usage is ethical.”
  4. “The baby was dead when harvested.”
  5. “Some were from miscarriages.”
  6. “Using a dead body is not abortion.”
  1. “No one now profits from the abortion.”
  2. “Vaccines don’t contain the child’s cells.”
  3. “No extra abortions are necessary.”
  4. “The abortions were from long ago.”
  5. “No further babies are suffering.”
  6. “The ‘greater good’ outweighs concerns.”

…the test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members.

Pearl Buck
hands protecting the unborn infant

Live harvesting:
“no rare event”

Live fetal experiments and tissue extraction occurred from the 1950s to the present day for the purpose of general fetal tissue research. It is likely that some of the hundreds of fetuses that were used for vaccine research and development were amongst these, and subjected to tissue procurement whilst alive.

Thus fetal tissue vaccines have caused special harm to such children, above and beyond their simple murder: they’ve been involved in torture prior to murder. Sentencing in a criminal trial with an adult would reflect this.